A Little Night Photography

About a year ago, during fall, we have decided to visit Wabamun Marina at night and see if we could get any nice shots.  It was rather a cool night, so we have spent there just enough time to make a try at creating a star trail picture and a few other shots around.  Sky is not easy to photograph over there, as we've found out, due to the relative brightness of the area and it didn't help that we had vehicles coming and going and lighting everything around us as well.  There are only a few shots I have chosen from that outing that were good enough to share today.  I wanted to see what kind of star trail shot I 'd get while not pointing my camera due north. Normally, I probably would have discarded it, but it looks weird and different enough to be interesting, in my opinion anyway. ;D And, as it happens sometimes around these parts, we have managed to even get a bit of Northern Lights appear in a few shots..