Welcoming the Day..

It is a bit nasty outside today, so it's not a huge surprise I have turned to pictures, I have taken during our early morning trip to Rundle Park, here in Edmonton's River Valley.  I can't believe it has been a month since we have visited, though the world looks much changed from that morning.  We have lost all that brilliant foliage that was covering all the trees, glowing beautifully in sunrise light.. Everything seems to be preparing to welcome cold and snow nowadays, and I am not entirely sure, I am ready for it... We have had a wonderful fall so far. It was full of beautiful and warm days. The colors, actually lasted longer than expected, giving me many opportunities to go shooting. I am very happy about it.  There is nothing better, during long winter months, to dive into those colorful pictures and let one's eyes feast on all this splendor.  And, though, I am not looking forward to it, I have a nice stock of pictures, to last several months deprived of color.. Since I am a sharing person, I will show them all to you as well. ;D Enjoy!