Happy New Year! (From Frozen Solid Alberta)

Happy New Year! (From Frozen Solid Alberta)

I, simply, cannot believe, how fast this year has passed.  It seems like just a moment ago I have had a hard task of selecting photos I liked the most from last year and now, I have to do it all over again.  However, I will not be showing you my selection in this post, due to some minor technical difficulties. Instead I will share my latest images.

The First Sunrise of 2013

What is the best way to celebrate New Year? Why, shooting a sunrise, of course! ;D Thus we were quite excited to get up way before dawn on January 1st and take a drive in the country. The temperatures were pretty high (considering that we've spent a month of close to -20oC, whether with windchill or not..), but the cold wind has decided to pick up and blow snow through the prairies, creating picturesque snowdrifts on the sides of the roads. At places there was a very deep snow in the shoulders (way above my knee), which I tested trying to get one particular shot of a small heard of horses in the sunrise light (below). All in all, the trip was very good, even if we have returned slightly frozen and windblown. After all, if the animals can roam the prairies in such a weather, why not us? Hope you enjoy these wintery images of rural Alberta in the light of, fist, the moon and then, the fist sunrise of this year!



Winter Wonderland - Alberta Landscape Part 3

The drive that we took several weeks ago in the countryside of our frozen land took us to an abandoned farm where we decided to wait for sunrise.  Some of Mac's images from that farm you were able to see in his post Winter Wonderland - Alberta Landscape Part 2.  It was quite cold that morning and we were glad we didn't have to wait too long for the sun to show it's face ;D.  We decided to drive some more that day and stopped at several places just following one of the country roads.  Pretty views were surrounding us. It was a pleasure to actually see the blue sky reflected in snow and morning sun shining and painting the land in warmer tones.  Here are some images I took on that morning (I couldn't help myself and took a few macro shots as well). Hope you enjoy! Kasia


Poetry of figure, of snow and light... part 1


I had a great pleasure in working with Joyanna Marie a few weeks ago.  We decided to meet up at Elk Island National park, bright and early at sunrise.  When I planned the session, I wasn't expecting the weather to turn a little frosty.  It was -29C that morning, and I was worried a little that Joyanna would not arrive.  I was proven wrong.  This wasn't a long shoot, because both of us were freezing.... she more than me, as you can see in the images.  Enjoy!