Lifestyle session with Fuji X-Pro1

This was my main test of an actual portrait and lifestyle photography using just the Fuji X-Pro1 camera.  I left my Canon DSLRs at home with all their heavy lenses. The change in shooting is significant.  No more "spray and pray" technique.  Fuji slows things down a notch.  It makes you think about each shot.  It's light to carry with the assortment of lenses.  It's a joy to use.  Lately I've noticed that I make images with the Fuji, more and more.  My Canons have been appropriated by my wife, who's also my partner in the MiKSMedia Photography adventure... and so far I have not missed those big cameras.  Enjoy! woman farm field landscape edmonton photography

portait edmonton photographer woman hatwoman landscape edmonton photographer

woman hat farm old landscape photography

farm landscape woman photography

Lady and a Fedora

In the past few weeks, I've been involved in another, as I like to call them, Randy-thon.  Randy Pond hosts these little gatherings in his studio in Vegreville.  Those are a lot of fun, with a couple of models, trying out different poses, clothes etc, loud music, and lots of laughs.  As photographers, we usually try new things with lights, angles, and share tips. This time the theme of the Randy-thon, was "Sexy".  So for the next little while I'll be posting images from that gathering, hope you don't mind :)  I was playing with my 90mm tilt-shift, and my Fuji X100.  I was really surprised on how good the Fuji X100 worked with Pocket Wizards and different lights.  So lets start with a Lady and a Fedora. Enjoy!


Girl in a Hat - Part 2

Mac has mentioned yesterday in his post, that we've known Jennifer for a very long time.  She grew up right in front of our eyes, so to speak, and it was our great pleasure to be able to capture on camera the young woman she became. Yes, it was a bit crowded in our little space but we have managed ;).  And the most important part was, that we all have had a lot of fun!  And here she is! Kasia


Girl in a Hat

Jennifer is an old friend.  I knew her since she was a little tyke.... now she's all grown up.  Just another testament that time is creeping up on me.  I invited her over to MiKSMedia little studio for a portrait session.  It's always a bit tough to have two photographers in a small space, but we managed.  I think Kasia will have more shots in the tomorrow post.  So for now.... Enjoy! Mac


Lights, camera, beauty...


Since Kasia has been reporting on our trip to the abandoned farm, and showing off her side of the trip, this gave me some time to work on my side.  I have been to that farm and area a week before, just scouting, but I will leave that for another post.  Today I would like to continue with the images from the session at Randy Pond studio.  The Rock Star post was the first part of the series.  I decided to experiment with gels on regular Canon speedlights triggered by  Pocket Wizards.  Something a little different that I usually shoot, something different that natural light.  Hope you like the results.  Enjoy!

The Rock Star - Jay Lee

Rock Star
Rock Star

As Kasia said in the previous post, I was going to post more images from our little sunrise trip to an abandoned farm, but turthfully I haven't finished editing those yet.  The day before though I was invited by my buddy Randy Pond to his little studio to shoot some models.  I think my luck was following me, because two of the three models canceled.  Only one came, but Jay Lee was plenty.  Even though she's very young, she rocked!  Here are some from rock concert theme.  Enjoy!

Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star
Rock Star

Poetry of figure, of snow and light... part 1


I had a great pleasure in working with Joyanna Marie a few weeks ago.  We decided to meet up at Elk Island National park, bright and early at sunrise.  When I planned the session, I wasn't expecting the weather to turn a little frosty.  It was -29C that morning, and I was worried a little that Joyanna would not arrive.  I was proven wrong.  This wasn't a long shoot, because both of us were freezing.... she more than me, as you can see in the images.  Enjoy!

Bubble Girl

The story of happy, bubble girl, as she gazed in amazement at the light dancing inside these little bubbles of water.  The delicate sound of pops, as they floated with the breeze with smiles and wonder.  Through the greens of the fields, and high of the trees, she smiled and laughed at their exquisite poetry and chaos of motion. Then she picked up their song, and in the light of the fading sun, she danced, lost in the breeze.

Celebrating End of School!

It is that time of the year, when all the happy kids throw their books in the corner, and say goodbye to school for another couple of months.  I remember that feeling well.  This year though I was asked by a good friend if I could help celebrate this, by taking photos of his daughter graduating grade 9.  Of course his daughter brought a friend along, and here are the results.  Enjoy!

Beauty on celluloid

I was invited the other day for a quick, impromptu photo session.  Didn't have much time to think what I should take, so I took most of my gear.   Better be safe (and tired) than sorry, I guess.  For the fun of it, I packed my Pentax film camera with me as well.  We didn't have a lot of time to shoot, since the sun was going down, but we made the most of it.  The digital shots need to be processed still, but I managed to develop the film yesterday.  Enjoy!

Portraits in Film

A couple of weeks ago, I finally received my new toy.  I finally had a chance to see for myself what's this raving about rangefinders is all about.  No, it's not a Leica, I would have to re-morgage my house to get one of those.  This is a rangefinder for the normal people.  It's 40 year old Canon Canonet QL-17 GIII 35mm film camera.  It has a fixed 40mm f1.7 lens, with a very quiet leaf shutter, and it's surprisingly heavy for a small camera.  It's definitely requires time to get used to the way it focuses, and the way it works all together.  I have shot 2 rolls of film on it already, and the colour one, was mainly testing, and it wasn't impressive.  The black and white film came out a lot better.  Here are some samples.  There was no editing done to any of these, just a little cropping here and there.  Enjoy. Konrad





Family session with Olivia Kovios - Part 1

Quiet Time

Olivia Kovios is a great family photographer, so I was a little nervous when I was invited to photograph her family.  She has three wonderful kids, that are as photogenic as their parents.  It was a lot of fun, but nerve racking at the same time.  Alsways having the thought in my mind, how these snapshots are going to be received by a fellow photographer.  It was a success.  Enjoy. Girl



Say Cheese

Looking at pictures

Quiet Time