Romantic B&W Couples

There are times where B&W photography is almost a must.  Times where the world around us is devoid of color.  Like this set.  I find that taking images of couples is very rewarding.  My approach is very hands off.  I find that having a couple be themselves, leads to the best images.  I might throw in a word or two, but mostly I just let them be.  Enjoy!

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Artur Cegielski and his pals - Portraits of a Photographer

This is Artur.  Artur is a vet by occupation, and photographer at heart.  I've known Artur for quite some time, and we've became very good friends. When we have time we always go out on photo shoots together.  One day he asked if I could do some portraits of him and his two pals, Gucio and Lala.  I think he wanted to see how the images will turn out with my new Fuji X-Pro1.  I was very happy to oblige. I think the Fuji did the job very well, but the main thing was that Artur liked the images.  That's the main thing... a satisfied client.  Personally I don't think, I would shoot these any differently with any other camera.  Here are some of the images I like the most out of the session.  Enjoy! photographer portrait man dogportrait man dog edmonton photographydogs portrait animal photographypet animal dog portrait photographyportrait dog pet animal photographerpet portrait dog photography


Bodybuilding by Scott

A few weeks ago, me and Randy Pond were asked by Scott to take his photos while he was working out at the gym.  Scott was getting ready for the 2010 Bodybuilding National Championships.  It was a short photo shoot, but a very successful one.  Never shot in a gym before so I knew lighting will be different.  Couldn't setup any major lights, because the gym was open and there were normal patrons using it.  So we shot with what we had to.  I think over all result came out not too bad.  By the way, Scott took 3rd place in his class.  Impressive. Scott


Brian and his dog

A few weeks ago, and good friend of mine and a vet went out to Elk Island National Park, to see if we can catch the sunset.  We arrived at our favourite spot by Astotin Lake.  I've photographed a lot of sunsets on that lake, and they are always different.  Every one.  One always meets some interesting people either watching the sunsets, or like us trying to capture it.  This time we met Brian.  Very interesting character. On the first glance you would not say he enjoyed sunsets.  It was not the case.  Here are some pictures of Brian, and his little puppy. Enjoy! Brian and his dog

Brian and his dog

Brian and his dog

Celebrating Spring

Spring Time I decided to post this photo in celebration of spring.  It's an old one.  This was shot for a challenge called "Grass".  I could not think of anything to make grass interesting subject, and then this idea popped into my head.  Even though this was taken almost 2 years ago, I still remember it vividly, and not for the reasons you might think :).  We were in the public park where we figured the grass would be nicest.  The camera was placed on the ground with some rice bags for support.  I had my wife lay down, and I set the focus, composition and set the 10sec automatic timer.  When I pressed the shutter, I had to run into position with my beautiful yellow jokey shorts around my ankles.  Just so  you know we were fully clothed, twisted we might be, but we are not exhibitionists :).  Still people were giving us confused and dirty looks. Luckily no one called the police.  So here it is, the fruit of our labour.  A beautiful picture, perfect for celebrating spring.

Being a fly on the wall in California

  Enjoying the show I love observing people.  Specially when they do not know they are being observed.  Yes, it's a little voyeuristic of me, but people are fun in their natural environment.  No posing, no artificial smiles, just pure humanity at it's best.  Most of these shots were done during our outing in Santa Monica, and some at Disneyland.  It was fun shooting those.  I find that having a long zoom for these works best.  One can be pretty far away, to be noticed.  Enjoy.


This guy was all over the park by the Santa Monica beach.  He was just moving from place to place, and dancing away his little routine.  Quite interesting display.

Sing that song...


Enjoying the sunshine



Checking for traffic

Portrait in the dark

This picture is also from the archives.  Yes some may say it's too dark etc., but I like it that way.  I like the shadows, and the contrast.  I like the mystery behind them.  So that is my explanation.  It could be that I badly exposed the original and had to do something to save this shot.  Either way, I hope you enjoy it. Portrait

Kristina and Landon part 1

During the summer months I had an honour to be part of Kristina and Landon's engagement photo shoot.  I have been invited to their wedding next year, which is going to be my second photo wedding.  Yes I'm a little scared, and hope that I can pull it off with out a hitch.  These shots are a few months old, but what better to brighten up a snowy cold day, than some green, sunshine, and beautiful people. Enjoy! Christina and Landon

Christina and Landon

Christina and Landon

Tuff series continued.

This is the continuation of the portrait series with Tuff. Next post I will do show some out-takes from the whole photo shoot. One might ask, why are they in black and white. Well the colors were not that great, lots or browns and blacks, and after converting a first couple to black and white they appeared more lively then in color. Thus I figured the whole series should be in black and white. More shots after the break. Enjoy!

Artur & Tuff

Canon 5D, ISO 250, 1/125 sec, f/2.8, 67mm

Artur & Tuff

Canon 5D, ISO 400, 1/160 sec, f/8, 190mm

Artur & Tuff

Canon 5D, ISO 400, 1/125 sec, f/5.6, 135mm

The Adventurer

I know you are getting tired of seeing Corri on these pages. So now for something a little different. A handsome, rugged, irresistible.... me.Yeah yeah.... I figured that once in a while I should step in front of the camera, then being behind it all the time. I tried a couple of shots with a cigar I bought just for that occasion. The shots and the cigar weren't very good. So I tried, just with the smoke. Here is the result.

The Adventurer

Canon 5D, ISO 200, 1/200 sec, f/9, 62mm

To be completely honest, my wife shot this.